A Beary Good Sleep Over


It’s sleep over night at Grama and Grampa’s for the three youngest wigglies. They are 5, 7, and 10 – all boys.


Normally we have to decide between three favorites for supper, but we are snagging Grampa and going to a movie and then a late supper.


There will be cookies and milk scattered in between.  A late-night movie with popcorn and of course pancakes with chocolate chips for breakfast.


So, you can see food is always a big deal here as well as the company and “help” while preparing. And, the stories we hear at the table while eating – priceless.


If there is time, there will be some sort of crafting. The table will be busy and occupied – just the way it should be.


I hope you have a special something happening or someone at your table this weekend too.


Would love to see your “table” pictures.