Let's Get to Know Each Other


Welcome to A Farm Wife Kitchen’s first blog.

 I thought I’d introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me and for those that do, yes, I know you feel blessed -HA!

 I’m a city raised girl that walked down the marriage aisle onto the farm. Boy, what a huge difference and shock.

Through the years my kitchen table has been the place where hundreds if not thousands of chocolate chip cookies have been dunked in milk and consumed. Having 4 sons created the perfect setting for me to learn to cook and bake.

My desire with this website is to sell some product and to teach some skills - homemaking skills.

For a time in the past “homemaking” was looked down on as invaluable. My goal is to bring it back to the hallowed place it should be. There is something noble about making your home and family your priority. THIS IS IMPORTANT - my view is not to be taken as a guilt trip or to be critical of anyone who chooses or has to work outside the home.

Some of you know I had a cookie company years ago. This is sort of a mini-revival of that. I will be selling product under the Michigan Cottage Label - I bake in an unlicensed kitchen. I can take orders over the internet but not collect money. Product has to be delivered or picked up from me.

I will offer classes on many topics - cooking, canning, crafts, entertaining, etc.

I welcome all suggestions on classes or edibles.

Please peruse the website to see what I have to offer.

Come meet us at our upcoming Open House - Oct. 13 and 14 . 4:00 - 8:00.

Stop in again soon and see what’s new.




Diane Loew